OCNLR Entry Level Award in Entry to Employment (Entry 3)

Key details

  • Course code:  603/5870/1
  • Level:  E3
  • Per-learner fee to centre:  £30
  • Guided learning hours:  60
  • Credits:  6
  • Minimum age for access:  14

Why choose regulated qualifications?

  • Regulated by Ofqual
  • Many are fully funded
  • Occupationally relevant

About this qualification

The OCNLR Entry Level Qualifications in Entry to Employment (Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3) are designed to enable Entry Level learners to progress directly into employment or into learning at a higher level as part of a progression pathway into employment in specific vocational sectors of their choosing.

The qualifications have been developed to replace the OCNLR Using Employability Skills suite of qualifications.

The Entry to Employment qualifications include a range of employability and vocational units. The employability units have been updated and broadened for today’s employment market, and specific vocational unit groups have been created to give access to vocational skills in the following areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Building and Construction
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Early Years
  • Health and Social Care
  • Horticulture, Animal Care and Environment
  • Public Services
  • Retail and Customer Service
  • Sport and Fitness


There is funding available for this qualification from the following source(s): Adult SkillsEFA 16-19Section 96.

Find out more by accessing The ESFA funding hub.

Units with support materials and tutor resources

The below units have associated Resource packs.

Please contact us to enquire about using these materials or to request a demonstration.

Group Name Credits Resource pack Interactive resources Online platform
Green Skills Environmental Issues E3 [K/600/6484] 2
Green Skills Project in Sustainability E3 [H/650/1981] 3
Green Skills Exploring Careers in the Green Industries E3 [K/650/1983] 1
Green Skills Investigate an Environmental Issue E3 [R/650/1986] 3
Green Skills Sustainability Issues in Industry E3 [L/650/2009] 2
Green Skills Global Warming and Climate Change E3 [D/650/2013] 2
Green Skills Introduction to Sustainability E3 [Y/650/2020] 1
Green Skills Supporting Sustainability in an Office Environment E3 [D/650/2031] 2
Green Skills Ethical and Political Issues relating to Land-Based Activities E3 [L/650/2207] 2
Group 1 Employability Skills Introduction to Career Preparation E3 [M/504/8497] 1
Group 1 Employability Skills Applying for a job E3 (Assessment only) [J/503/2807] 1
Group 1 Employability Skills Developing Skills for Gaining Employment E3 (Assessment only) [F/504/8519] 3
Group 1 Employability Skills Making a Product E3 (Assessment only) [A/504/1651] 2
Group 1 Employability Skills Skills for Employability E3 [F/505/8788] 3
Group 1 Employability Skills Using Email E3 [Y/505/3225] 1
Group 1 Employability Skills Using the Internet E3 [H/505/3227] 1
Group 1 Employability Skills Personal Productivity Programs E3 (Assessment only) [M/616/8245] 3
Group 2 Vocational Skills Intro to the Hospitality Industry [A/502/4834] 1

Next steps

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