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FE Colleges
& Adult Education

We offer a broad range of qualifications and services designed to support those operating in the further education sector

Access to HE

A nationally recognised Level 3 qualification, the Access to Higher Education Diploma is intended to prepare adults to study for a university degree.

We offer a diverse selection of Diplomas, including Engineering, Arts, Biosciences and Policing, and work with numerous HE institutions to collaboratively offer enhanced progression opportunities for learners onto degree programmes.

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Regulated Qualifications

We are recognised by Ofqual and each of our regulated qualifications has gone through rigorous development and accreditation processes.

Covering a wide range of sectors including Digital, Health & Social Care and Construction, we also offer more niche qualifications for FE colleges looking to deliver to a specific audience.

Many of our regulated qualifications have funding attached to them.

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Resource Development

Our Resource Development service supports the preparation of resources to aid learning and development activity.

Whether you are developing resources ‘from scratch’ or adapting and preparing existing resources to meet the needs of learners, we can help.

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Digital Badges

Digital badges are quickly becoming a crucial element of the modern learning journey. Badges are web-enabled credentials that can be verified online in real-time, allowing individuals to showcase their abilities on a digital platform.

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Learners can achieve new skills with our expanding selection of microcredentials.

These bite-sized professional development courses are created to assist learners in developing in-demand career skills rapidly so that they can proceed into their chosen profession and go on to progress in their careers.

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OCN London Endorsed

Our Endorsed service is ideal for FE Colleges looking for a more formal way of documenting skills and knowledge gained by employees as part of their own internal CPD journey.

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Bespoke Qualifications

One of the most popular services that we offer is an accreditation service to FE colleges that have developed their own courses and training programmes.

Bespoke accredited courses are non-regulated qualifications designed by your organisation and accredited by us.

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