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Small, but mighty

Our microcredentials suite offers short-term learning experiences, designed to support individuals to acquire new skills, progress with their personal development or change careers.


These bite-sized, rapid professional development courses are created to assist individuals in developing in-demand career skills, so that they can proceed into their chosen profession and go on to progress even further in their careers.

Each microcredential offered by OCN London is developed and assessed through a range of innovative, industry-relevant activities and is accompanied by a range of learning resources & materials.

Why microcredentials matter

  • Allows rapid deployment of new skills packages – can be brought to market in weeks rather than months
  • Facilitates precision learning – very specific skills needs can be met and support individuals who may be experiencing difficulty with acquiring or maintaining inherent skills
  • Supports just-in-time learning throughout someone’s career -they allow those starting their learning journey to thrive, even those with a traditional degree to diversify or become specialists in a new field
  • Are stackable and can lead through to certification – fully supports lifelong learning
  • Can be mapped against different skills taxonomies – OCN London are a licenced SFIA partner
  • Supports learners to develop at any stage of their career – applicable to experienced staff, new recruits and apprentices to support CPD and induction
  • Offers truly agile and accessible learner journeys  – Flexibility for learner to experience, learn and develop at own pace and on own schedule

Tutorials for sharing digital badges

Digital badges are a great way to showcase individual accomplishments gained via our microcredentials suite.

They can be easily added to LinkedIn profiles to ensure that the individual skills and knowledge gained are evidenced and illustrated to support learners career development and progression.

The short tutorial videos below from our credentials partner, Learning Vault, offer step by step guides on how to manage digital badges on LinkedIn profiles.

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Digital badge designs

Digital badges accompany microcredentials as a visual means of sharing evidence of skills and talent verification.

The metadata in digital badges are used by microcredentials to communicate information about the learning experience.

microcredentials badge design shield Shield
microcredentials badge design teardrop Teardrop
microcredentials badge design rosette Rosette

01Colours / Levels

Colours are assigned to the level of microcredential achieved

Entry Entry level
Level 1 Level 1
Level 2 Level 2
Level 3 Level 3
Level 4 Level 4
Level 5 Level 5
Level 6 Level 6


  • Skills & Competence
  • Knowledge & Understanding
  • Professional Behaviours

03Assessment methods

  • Experiential
  • Self-assessed
  • Auto-marked
  • Internally assessed
  • Externally assessed

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