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Digital Functional Skills Qualifications (DFSQs)

These qualifications are an essential component of the Department for Education’s strategy for developing digital skills and will enable learners to participate in digital and online activities safely in the workplace, classroom and other real-life scenarios.

What are Digital Functional Skills Qualifications?

Digital Functional Skills are designed to;

  • Provide trustworthy proof of a student’s digital skills against material that is applicable to the workplace and daily life
  • Evaluate a student’s knowledge and skills and their ability to apply them in a variety of situations
  • Enable progression into employment or further education
  • Develop everyday skills

They focus on 5 key areas;

  • Using devices and handling information
  • Creating and editing
  • Communicating
  • Transacting
  • Being safe and responsible online

Our Digital Functional Skills qualifications

Level Qualification Credits Guided
E3 OCNLR Digital Functional Skills (Entry Level 3) 6 55 -
L1 OCNLR Digital Functional Skills (Level 1) 6 55 -

Why choose OCN London for your Digital Functional Skills provision?

  • Accessible and inclusive assessment design supports a wide range of learners and minimises barriers to achievement
  • Assessments feature real-life simulations of practical activities such as booking a train ticket
  • Online assessment
  • Use of interactive workbooks enables assessment to be embedded easily into teaching and learning
  • On-demand assessment and resits offer greater flexibility

Who are these qualifications for?

  • Adult learners as part of a programme of study
  • Entry level learners, including those with SEND requirements
  • Unemployed people
  • ESOL learners
  • Older learners who may be less secure in their digital skills
  • Learners in a community learning context

Benefits of DFSQs

  • Expertise in developing digital skills qualifications
  • Outstanding centre support with named contacts for business support, curriculum and quality
  • Free DFSQs training for centre staff
  • Fully funded qualifications – Digital Entitlement ready
  • Work with one of the UK’s most innovative and expanding awarding organisations

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