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Strengthening our commitment to developing digital talent with SFIA partnership

Friday 1st September 2023

OCN London are delighted to have recently become a partner of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) to bolster our ability to effectively meet the needs of employers and employees, particularly relating to skills and competencies for the digital world.

The SFIA is the most extensively used skills taxonomy, currently being adopted in over 180 countries. The framework is adopted by professionals operating in information and communication technologies, digital transformation and software engineering to prescribe, manage and review required skills in the sector.

Speaking of the importance of the partnership, our CEO, Carlos Cubillo-Barsi, said,

We’re really excited about our partnership with SFIA, which will support our ambition to become a leading awarding organisation in the digital arena, with qualifications, credentials and resources which directly map to the skills and job roles underpinned by the SFIA methodology. This affiliation provides an incredible opportunity for both organisations to leverage what we do best and improve the insights and actionable intelligence about EdTech, to inform what we provide to our respective customers and stakeholders.For us, it is essential that our product development aligns to the skills frameworks most relevant to the sectors that we are working in. In this way, we maximise our impact on the talent needs of employers and the skills of their employees. By working with the SFIA, we can ensure that this becomes inherent in how we support and advise our customers within the digital workspace.

If you would like to speak with us about our SFIA partnership and our digital qualifications and resources, please get in touch at enquiries@ocnlondon.org.uk

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