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Showcasing skills with OCN London’s Digital Badging service

Sunday 28th May 2023

Digital Badges are a clever, practical, and visually appealing way to acknowledge various types of learning.

They’ve been hailed as a game changer for education and career development, so we wanted to share some compelling facts about OCN London’s very own ‘Digital Badging’ service.

  1. They’re an essential career and skills development tool – With the help of these badges, employees can evidence achievements to their CPD record, CV and LinkedIn profiles to connect to opportunities for further learning and internal career progression.
  2. They’re ideal for online and offline learning activities – The badges can be issued for all types of learning journeys and are a great way of quality assuring rapid and ‘just in time’ courses.
  3. There are a variety of digital badge designs to choose from – We have the facility to create and award learners with bespoke digital “Open Badge” certificates, as well as the inclusion of meta data – e.g specific skills or areas of knowledge covered by the course, including links to your own web site.

There are lots of other benefits so, if you are interested in exploring, get in touch with us today at enquiries@ocnlondon.org.uk

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