The Age of AI : Its benefits and its risks

  • Date:   Wednesday 6 March 2024
  • Time:   15:00
  • Places remaining:   2
  • Event type:   Webinar

Artificial Intelligence and digital innovation has the potential to reshape and transform teaching and learning. 

In this 30 minute webinar, our Head of Qualifications & Innovation will discuss how we are presented with a unique opportunity to harness the potential benefits of generative AI in education, whilst also addressing concerns about responsible usage and potential risks.

What will be covered

  • Types of Generative AI
  • How AI can bring benefits
  • Misuse of Generative AI – risks
  • How to spot use of Generative AI – what we expect of Centres
  • OCN London’s approach to the use of Generative AI

Who should attend

  • Learning & Development Managers
  • Curriculum Development Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Programme Delivery Managers


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