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LSIPs | How the emerging skills landscape is shaping up

  • Date:   Thursday 2 November 2023
  • Time:   15:30
  • Places remaining:   50
  • Event type:   Webinar

In this 30 minute session, our education professionals will discuss the importance of engaging in the rollout and implementation of LSIPs and the possibilities emerging from the LSIF.

We will highlight information found from meeting with two ERBs and consider the commonalties we are seeing nationally as well as LSIP area differences.

We will consider the key themes including skill shortages  as well as thinking about the potential impact on curriculum planning and responses beyond public funding.

We will look at alternative ways to reskill and upskill and get real value for the training that is needed. We will also consider these in the light of the significant qualification review processes that will impact from 2025 onwards.

What you will learn about

  • Our thoughts on approved LSIP findings, recommendations and implementation
  • How you can develop new training, courses, qualifications and resources to meet employer needs based on what has been identified in need in your areas.

Who should attend

  • Curriculum Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Senior Managers within college and training provider environments
  • Senior Managers within local authority and public sector organisations
  • Business Development Directors
  • Business leaders/owners within education organisations
  • Employer organisations
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