Forms For Final Moderation & Awards Boards

Final moderation forms

The tracking sheet with the learner results should be sent to the Centre Moderator at least 5 working days before final moderation with the results confirmation form. Tracking sheets sent to the Centre Moderator without the results confirmation form will not be considered to have been formally submitted. Further guidance about preparing the results for final moderation can be found in the Tutor Resource Area.

Results confirmation form

Throughout the academic year, providers will have appropriate procedures in place to manage extenuating circumstances and make reasonable adjustments. For exceptional cases, it may be necessary to apply to the Centre Moderator at final moderation for units to be awarded through extenuation or for work to be accepted for external moderation after an extension beyond final moderation. Further guidance about how to handle Extenuating Circumstances during the academic year or at final moderation on the Access to HE Diploma can be found in the Tutor Resource Area.

Forms for use by centres to make a request at final moderation to the Centre Moderator:

Request for an extension beyond final moderation due to extenuating circumstances

Award through extenuation form

Appeal forms

During the academic year, providers will have processes in place to manage late submissions, resubmissions and referrals, data entry errors on internal records and learner representations. If the provider identifies that it needs additional time to resolve an administrative or procedural error which means that submission of a learner’s results will be delayed beyond the final moderation date, or administrative errors, procedural errors or extenuating circumstances are identified after the results have been moderated or agreed at the awards board, then an appeal can be made to OCN London.

OCN London does not accept appeals directly from learners unless they have exhausted their provider’s appeals process. Further details about OCN London’s appeals process for Access to HE can be found in the two guides below.

Forms for use by centres to make an appeal to OCN London at final moderation, awards board or as a post-awards board appeal:

Data entry error form

Appeal form

Guidance on making an appeal to OCN London:

Appeals guidance – for centres

Appeals guidance – for learners

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